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Friday, July 29, 2005

hearing voices

do any of you have weird biases? things that tick you off or turn you on despite all logic? this afternoon i was reminded that i am easily irritated by high-pitched voices. particularly, the paris-hilton-don't-ask-me-i'm-just-a-silly-girl voice. i've been known to go from all-out crush to "not in a million years" based on tone and timbre alone. i have a hard time maintaining conversations with overly loud voices, dinstinctly feminine speech patterns, or folks who's "s"s cut through a sentence like a knife. i'll run from a room if i hear a girly "woo-oo!" (i almost had to change lanes at a bowling alley once, when we were stationed next to a gaggle of high-pitched squealers.) on the other side of the coin a low-gravelly voice can make me weak in the knees. i'll become friends with a lady just because she's got a kick-ass voice like demi moore. strange, right? makes no sense... i'd love to hear other folks thoughts on this one.

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