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Monday, July 25, 2005

new template

do you like?
i noticed that many blogger blogs were going with the black motif, so i thought i'd update.

no eventful events as of yet today. my brother and sister-in-law are buying a house (or is one supposed to say "an house" -- what is the rule on that one?), and that makes me feel both old and unsuccessful at the same time. yay! i'm happy for them, of course, but my typical sibling "but i want one, too!" feelings come out at times like these. this is what i get for taking the academic route while my much more intelligent brother takes the financially-secure route. this, along with the events of saturday night have led me to a list of things that i would do if i had money. now, this is not a list of things that i would do if i had "a million dollars" or whatever, but a list of things that will be harbingers of success in moosk's eyes. let us begin:

1) i would get waxed -- regularly (meaning, not just before my wedding)
2) i would go out to dinner when i felt like it
3) i would shop at whole foods (and buy my yummy, expensive protein powder!)
4) i would take annual vacations alone with mil (read: not to weddings) to places that require air travel
5) i would treat family and friends to nice dinners on special occasions (so, this is good for you guys, too!)
6) i'd buy people gifts that i really want to give them (and, not just books)
7) i'd get mil a new ipod
8) i'd get manicures every once in a while just because i happen to want one (even though they last about 2 seconds on my impatient hands)
9) and that's about it. just 8 things i have to go without -- not too bad...

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