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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

anger management

sometime the commute home just takes the last bit of patience out of me. today wasn't unlike any other. i went to work. i had a nice little conference call with my boss in france. ate some lunch. ferried myself up to washington heights just in time to watch my bx3 close its doors and drive off. fifteen minutes and many beads of sweat later, the next bx 3 arrived. in da bronx, we spent two hours helping a couple of families complete measures, learning -- after paying them and sending them on their way -- that both families had pulled one over on us because they had done the measures before. yay. time and money well spent. i was still okay. i was tired, but i just wanted to go home, and home was where i was going.

it's the way home that gets me. the people who step right between you and the door as the train pulls up. the train that takes forever just to leave the station. the knitting project that just doesn't last the whole way home, so you're forced to stare into space just to not make eye contact with fellow passengers. the straw that broke the camel's back, though, was the guy who stopped right in front of the revolving gate as i was coming through, causing the gate to hit his foot. i said "ow, are you okay?" he looked back at me with a grimace and walked on. i really just wanted to sock the guy in the face. i actually wished that i'd been carrying an umbrella or some other large object, so i could give him a nice whack in the back of the head. i at least wished that i had the poor manners to say something like, "yeah, f-ck you, too!" unfortunately (or fortunately), i don't and i didn't. so, here i am. mellowing out with mil and a little er.

anyway, here's a little belated fourth of july spirit. hope you all enjoyed yours...

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