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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

that man is talking to a pole

the mall

last night as i was walking home, i saw a man talking animatedly to a pole. he was sitting on one of the stanchions in front of the time warner center just conversing with the lamppost as if that's something we all do on occasion. they're good listeners, i imagine. it's amazing after all these years that i still find the crazy new york folk fascinating. hey, better he talks to a lamppost than shouts obscenities at me which is their usual manifestation. i actually chuckled to myself because it reminded me of a book i read as a kid called, that man is talking to his toes. strangely enough, it was about a man who was walking around talking to his toes (which did not seem at all odd to me as a kid -- we talk to people, we talk to pets, why not toes?). it was one of my favorites, along with the wuggie norple story. i mean can you really say "wuggie norple" without cracking a smile? if you're not in hysterics by the time "freckleface chilibean" makes the scene, you must be made of stone.

so monday afternoon, i came to the conclusion that i must be allergic to something i'm eating. i'm stuffy all the time, i sneeze constantly, and i feel woozy whenever i stand-up. after some serious internet research, i decided that sugar and complex carbs must be the culprit. well, i said to myself, that means i'll just have to cut down on my sugar and complex carbs. no biggie. i was able to quit sucking my thumb when i was four, i can do this now! anyway, long story short, last night i baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. mmm... cookies and tonight i've got plans to go to serendipity. man, this is going swimmingly!

well, i should get back to work, which means that i have to go outside to cash a check. usually i'm all set for a break from my own personal dungeon, but not today. heat index is 110. blech.
heat wave

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