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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

first flickr post

mil looking pensive
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i'm making an attempt to post through flickr which would reduce the number of steps i have to use to blog w/ pics. then again, blogger is now allowing direct photo links which is pretty easy, too. i guess i'll figure it out as i go...

i picked this one because mil just looks so damn cute in it. he was making fun of a photo that was used by some "actor" in a high school theatre program. funny. i should make it my desktop...

so, i've realized that i don't really like to be bored at work. i would much prefer to have tons of stuff to do, so that my day flies by before i even notice it. i find that i'm even more tired and lazy after a slow day of work than after a busy one. strange, eh?

so, not to much on the blogs today. mil hasn't updated since last friday, and i'm officially tired of reading about "guidos" on clublife, and the female lawyer thing is also seeming a bit self-indulgent lately. both are decent writers (far better than me, for sure), but i guess like most blogs, they get repetitive after a while. the only blog -- excepting friends, partners, etc. -- i haven't grown tired of so far is she's got a knack for the platform. i guess after four years you start to get it down. sad that i've been reading so many blogs that i'm turning into a critic. i would love to check out others, so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to drop them in the comments section. then again, would you be here if you had anything better to read?

also, i'm making a formal request to all friends who check-out my blog to start your own. give me something to read on these slow summer days... please!

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