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Friday, January 27, 2006


i was just hunting through the msnbc website to find a story that mil and i watched last night... it took me a full five minutes of searching through various stories and headlines to find it, and in the meantime, i discovered that:

the story that i was actually looking for was this one:

apparently, the cia -- our most powerful weapon against terrorism (note: not terror), had mistakenly posted the photo of abu hamza al-masri in its attempt to find midhat mursi al-sayid 'umar. the former is a "radical london imam" and the latter is al-qaida's expert on poisons and lethal chemicals. hmm... honest mistake. now i'm not sure what frightens me most about this... the fact that the supposed experts on terrorism can't tell the difference between one muslim man and another. or the fact that hundreds of individuals are being held in detention centers in guantanamo bay without charges. or the fact that our president is illegally wiretapping american citizens... or maybe, just maybe, its ALL THREE! i'm also bothered by the fact that a story of this magnitude required a full five minutes of searching in order to find at the bottom of the "u.s. news -- peculiar postings."

the thing i like most about my internship:

i'm nobody's assistant. can i tell you how sick i am of being called "so-and-so's ass-istant"? it doesn't happen often, but when it does, my blood boils. interesting that i chose this job two months after i'd finally gotten a non-assistant job (though i was technically an "assistant general manager," there was no "general manager," so it doesn't really count). then again that job sucked, so making peanuts working for world-renowned psychologists while i got my msw seemed so much better by comparison. what was i thinking...?

can i tell you, my greatest fear of returning to the business world is that i'll have to accept some crappy assistant job where they pay me big bucks to make sure mr. ceo has his dinner reservation at babbo. (is that not the hot place anymore? these academics aren't really into the hot-restaurant-of-the-moment thing, so i'm out of the loop on that one.) i guess i just have to make a pact with myself that i won't sink that low... money just isn't worth it anymore. if i can be a therapist, and make $50K/year vs. be an assistant and make $70K, i'm taking the therapist gig. but what if they offer me $100K? can i really turn that down? or would i turn into johnny damon and say "just call me ass-kissin' moosk"?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

dumb like a moose

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i know that it is sunday. i'm pretty sure it's january. classes have begun, and my brain is still goo. when people ask me what's going on, i stutter for a moment, trying to remember who and where i am... what's going on, eh? i'm alive. i seem to be talking to you. what was the question? in my dream world, mil and i go back to italy to spend a month "re-connecting." i want to have a whole month away from all responsibility, all work/school-related nonsense, all the "how the f-ck are we going to pay rent?" crap.

mil has had a month off from school, but he starts back next week. this makes me sad. i've had him to myself for whole days at a time this past month. last weekend we spent almost the entire time wrapped in blankets watching movies and tv. it was heaven. starting next week he'll be back to his 7-day/week schedule w/ no moosk-day. i'll have to make due with snippets of time on saturday morning and sunday afternoon. pphlllbbt.

the only hope i have is that one semester of this hellish year is done... only one semester left. i can do it. i just have to forget that i have needs and wants beyond work and school (husband, what husband? puppy, what puppy? baby, what baby?). it's just the bird and me for a while... and she's sort of a pain. quite literally. (i currently have little red marks around my neck and shoulders from where she has decided to try to groom away all my imperfections. thanks, sweetie.) anyway, i'm sure more interesting things have happened but i can't remember them. i do remember that i promised to give a shout-out to loyal reader and future daddy, metsfan. someday, mil and i will see you and cat more than three times/year... someday... mil has promised me that if he goes to medschool in nyc, he will let me live in brooklyn. yay!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

der winter ist kalt

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indeed it is. we had a brief reprieve this week with highs in the 50s, but that came slamming to a halt with today's high of 29. i know you massachusetts folk laugh at our paltry twenty degrees, but we have to walk... outside! okay, so it's not really that bad, but i'm feeling especially lazy this weekend, and i like to have a good excuse. yesterday mil and i left the apartment twice -- once to workout (downstairs) and again to get more tissues... it wasn't until i was frumped-out (a la britney) in the elevator and ran into a woman in 3" heels (in rainy 30 degree weather) that i remembered it was saturday night. ah, i love married life...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

yay politics!

i was sitting here twiddling my thumbs, listening to air america, and i thought to myself -- woo-hoo, alito! here's a guy who'll really listen to the word of the law and interpret it, no law-making here, just strict, unbiased interpretation... hahaha... yeah, apparently this dude was really excited about being a member of this club at princeton that fought against the introduction of female students at the college... cause, you know, female students would take away the sanctity of a princeton education. mm.. that's the kind of guy i want making decisions about my civil rights.
outside of the political sphere, there've been news reports of a young woman in new york taking time away from her masters in social work to pursue a graduate degree in sudoku. have you tried this sh*t?? it's seriously addictive. i've been trying to get mil hooked on the stuff, but he's resisting my peer pressure. what good's a husband if you can't share an addiction?
finally, a post, eh? not much has changed. i survived meeting with my potentially homicidal client last week, and it looks like i'll be seeing him again tomorrow. exciting, eh? otherwise, i still want a puppy, and i've still got a cold... btw, thanks for the comments... i'm a little starstruck that dutch has been stopping by my blog, since he has just about the cutest little kid ever -- and quite a popular blog to boot. and, as always, i'm amazed that someone who writes as well as doodlebug checks my rinky-dink blog every now and again. and mil... darling mil... well, you know how much you mean to me...