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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

yay politics!

i was sitting here twiddling my thumbs, listening to air america, and i thought to myself -- woo-hoo, alito! here's a guy who'll really listen to the word of the law and interpret it, no law-making here, just strict, unbiased interpretation... hahaha... yeah, apparently this dude was really excited about being a member of this club at princeton that fought against the introduction of female students at the college... cause, you know, female students would take away the sanctity of a princeton education. mm.. that's the kind of guy i want making decisions about my civil rights.
outside of the political sphere, there've been news reports of a young woman in new york taking time away from her masters in social work to pursue a graduate degree in sudoku. have you tried this sh*t?? it's seriously addictive. i've been trying to get mil hooked on the stuff, but he's resisting my peer pressure. what good's a husband if you can't share an addiction?
finally, a post, eh? not much has changed. i survived meeting with my potentially homicidal client last week, and it looks like i'll be seeing him again tomorrow. exciting, eh? otherwise, i still want a puppy, and i've still got a cold... btw, thanks for the comments... i'm a little starstruck that dutch has been stopping by my blog, since he has just about the cutest little kid ever -- and quite a popular blog to boot. and, as always, i'm amazed that someone who writes as well as doodlebug checks my rinky-dink blog every now and again. and mil... darling mil... well, you know how much you mean to me...


kimbabalu said...

Yay you're back!

Dutch said...

we are totally screwed (with all this ALito business). We're gonna have 30 years of him and Scalia.

just cross your fingers that JP Stevens has a good doctor.

Cartooniste said...

after writing the requisite letters to my senators, i have been trying to pretend that the alito thing isn't happening. lalalalalalalala! i can't heeeeeeeear you!
and whatever happened to the part where karl rove was getting fired? anyone? anyone?
moosk, i have a cold too. maybe we have the same one. so far the best thing i have found is a mug of noodle soup and "ferris bueller's day off." try it!
and you can snuggle my puppy any time.