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Friday, January 27, 2006

the thing i like most about my internship:

i'm nobody's assistant. can i tell you how sick i am of being called "so-and-so's ass-istant"? it doesn't happen often, but when it does, my blood boils. interesting that i chose this job two months after i'd finally gotten a non-assistant job (though i was technically an "assistant general manager," there was no "general manager," so it doesn't really count). then again that job sucked, so making peanuts working for world-renowned psychologists while i got my msw seemed so much better by comparison. what was i thinking...?

can i tell you, my greatest fear of returning to the business world is that i'll have to accept some crappy assistant job where they pay me big bucks to make sure mr. ceo has his dinner reservation at babbo. (is that not the hot place anymore? these academics aren't really into the hot-restaurant-of-the-moment thing, so i'm out of the loop on that one.) i guess i just have to make a pact with myself that i won't sink that low... money just isn't worth it anymore. if i can be a therapist, and make $50K/year vs. be an assistant and make $70K, i'm taking the therapist gig. but what if they offer me $100K? can i really turn that down? or would i turn into johnny damon and say "just call me ass-kissin' moosk"?

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Cartooniste said...

I know the feeling. I have gone from "research assistant" (ny museum) to "teaching assistant" (grad school) to "curatorial assistant" (boston museum). If all goes according to plan and I actually finish the PhD, and I beat all the odds and actually get a job? "Assistant professor."
At this rate, I'll be 40 before I gain the coveted ranks of the "associate professoriate." And is that really a step up?
I know the siren song of the well-paying world. I suspect there, you might not have to be "so and so's assistant" for very long....