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Monday, October 30, 2006

the prom is over

i just got back from california last night. it was a quick trip for a prom. i know -- it doesn't make much sense... i've been out of high school for 11 years, but for as long as i can remember, my friend -- let's call her prom queen -- has been talking about proms. she charmed me into joining her for such craptastic movies as "she's the one" and "never been kissed." and when she finally decided to marry the man of her dreams, she only agreed because he was willing to do it prom-style. pq definitely pulled off quite a prom, and it beat the socks off of my high school prom despite the fact that my date stood me up (for a biochem exam... sigh).

anyway, it was a fun weekend, but i'm still a little wiped from 12 hours of travel. i will be recuperating by reading this. apparently, the 109th congress is even more craptastic than "she's the one."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

don't call it a comeback

bush-oil sign
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so... sorry for the lack of updates. (what is it about coming up with a name for a blog that reminds you of songs you haven't heard in 15 years?) i'm finding that less time in the office = less time online. it looks like i might have something to occupy my time soon. the thing with the townhouses that i mentioned a while back seems to have finally come to fruition. i'm still trying to figure out the logistics. fortunately, my part-time job allows me some time to volunteer to help these guys, but i need to figure out how it fits into my long-term plan.
outside of work, i've started volunteering some of my time to calling members to try to recruit them to make calls to voters in hotly contested congressional districts. the sad thing is that while i've managed to recruit a few complete strangers to make calls, i haven't managed to recruit my own husband. i'm still trying though. if any of you guys are moveon members, i apologize for those of us who might be calling you at inopportune times. be nice. i hate cold calling, but i hate bush more, so this is what i have to do. if you're like me and interested in helping the "get out the vote" for the midterm elections, check out call for a change...

Friday, October 13, 2006

the dream lives

since his blog seems to be a relic of a bygone era, i thought i'd let those among you who care know that mil's dream seems to have been revitalized... while we all knew he had it in him, it seems he finally kicked some mcat ass. yay, mil!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the world can't wait

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yet another good use of a day off in the middle of the week... rallying against the bush theocracy. up until i got a block away from the meet-up location in front of the un, i still wasn't sure i was going to do it, but i'm glad i did. i've felt pretty pissed about the latest news from washington... from the senate's approval of a bill that strips all non-citizens of the right of habeas corpus to the revelation that condi rice new about 9/11 two months before it happened to the selling-out of the legislative branch of our government to the highest bidder (bill moyers' documentary last night was frighteningly revealing). i have become too quiet, too complacent, and when a woman handed me a flier for the march yesterday, i knew i had to go. not that marching in a relatively small rally is enough, but i needed to do something... and i need to keep doing something until i see a change in the direction that our country is heading.

anyway, thanks for giving in to a little lefty idealism there. we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program next time. oh, and in case you haven't seen it, is worth checking out... it's some of the best news around.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

feelin' fine

snow monkeys
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have i mentioned before how much i love working three days/week? if i could afford to, i'd totally do this for the rest of my life. unfortunately, i can't afford to, so i've either gotta look for another part-time job or a new full-time job. ugh. how did i get so unmotivated? why does knitting on my couch with my bird on my knee or sketching a bridge while perched on a rock in central park seem so much more fun that anything that i could potentially get paid for? i wonder if it's that whole external reward thing... if you get paid for something, it must not be fun in the first place. hm... i don't know.

last week i was good. i dedicated many hours to trolling the internet for jobs and even went to a rather lousy career fair on campus. (is it just me, or is it thoroughly depressing to print out pretty resumes and get all gussied up so you can sell yourself to some 22-year old who you find out has only been working at the company for 3 months and has no decision-making power whatsoever. i had one guy tell me he couldn't even give out his card.) btw, hf, i have not given up on the career fair in general, but i have realized that they're designed primarily for informational purposes, not networking...

anyway, after that event, my self-promotion efforts have fallen flat. like i said before, i'm enjoying this whole 3-day work week. it's a hard thing to give up just so you can pay the bills. yesterday i went to a jazz 101 class with my mother and next thursday i have plans to volunteer at a phone bank for so much more fun that polishing a keyboard for a living.