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Friday, July 17, 2009

3 months... and change

dear nica,

i meant to write you this lovely note in a timely fashion, but as you'll learn about me, i'm not especially timely. that's your father's area of expertise.

these past three months have flown by. i still can't believe i have a baby, and here you are reminding me every day... it's hard to believe that a year ago you were just a couple of cells meeting for the first time. and now you are a human being, complete with pudgy arms, thigh rolls, sparkling hazel eyes, and a smile that lights up the room (and wraps your mom a little further around your little finger).

your father and i can't quite believe our luck because not only do you exist (which is awesome!), but you are about as perfect as a little human being can get. okay, so it would be really nice to have eight hours of sleep every now and again, but if someone's going to be waking me up at 2... 3... and 4am every morning, i would pick you every time. even at 4am, i can discern your crooked little grin in the dark. happy to see me even though i can barely walk straight.

i never imagined that a little person who can't talk and can't walk could bring so much new joy into my life. and my life needed that joy. i still miss your gamma every single day... sometimes more than i did before you were born, but i also believe that she sent you here with your gurgles and coos to help heal the big hole she left in my heart.

it's hard to say what you've learned in the last few months... because it seems like so much. you've gone from being almost blind to seeing us and smiling at just about everyone who smiles at you. you've started playing with your toys... grabbing and shaking things that rattle, and trying to put just about everything in your mouth. you love bathtime... splashing around in the water so much so that we've had to move your bath from the kitchen sink into the bathtub where it belongs. you love to talk... sometimes entertaining yourself for several minutes with "gaas" and "oohs" and your new favorite "phlbbt!". you kick your legs and wave your arms about... a bit like a marionette. you have so much fun moving about and smiling and talking that you don't like to go to sleep anymore. you also love to stand. the moment you rise to your feet you get this silly grin -- like the world is yours to conquer. i hope you always feel that way -- proud of your accomplishments, but looking forward to the next big goal.

your dad and i feel so lucky to have you in our lives. you are everything we ever dreamed of... and cute, to boot!

love, ma

Thursday, July 02, 2009


i've continued my delinquency. i am hoping to write a three month post for nica. we'll see. time is just flying by, and not a day goes by that i don't just stare at this munchkin and wonder how she finally made it from idea into personhood. i'm still stunned that my body made another human being, and i try to remember that every time i complain about not fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. my body may not be perfect, but it made a pretty d*mn-near perfect little person, so i have to love it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

very belated...

...but for a very good reason. i have a baby! and while she is darling and sweet, she also manages to take up just about every ounce of time and energy i have. her name is veronica, and she is the best!

she was born five weeks ago... just when mil and i wanted her to make her appearance (because mil was on spring break). i did not manage to resist the epidural, but i did get to experience a lot of fun back labor before i gave in. and i'm so glad i gave in. i was at least a little rested when i got to meet my little bundle of joy for the first time. it was... is miraculous. i still really can't believe that this little beautiful person is my daughter... that she's the little creature that wiggled around inside of me.

she's just starting to develop her own little personality (because prior to this week she pretty much just slept and ate). she coos and smiles, and i just want to smother her with kisses all of the time. even though i need the help, it's hard to hand her off to let someone else hold her for a while. i want her all to myself (unless it's 2am... then mil is totally allowed to hold her in my stead).

breastfeeding has proven more of a challenge than i imagined. i really just assumed it would be more natural... despite all of the warnings from others. initially, the doctor had me offer a supplemental bottle of formula/breastmilk after she nursed because she had lost too much of her birthweight (my milk hadn't really come in yet at day 3). so i started pumping and feeding her by bottle and breast. now, i am now trying to transition off of the bottle for the majority of the feedings because i am just tired of pumping (i was basically nursing for a half an hour or more, then feeding with a bottle, then pumping to replace the bottle i gave her... by the time i was done pumping, it was almost time to feed her again). i hope that nica can get used to having the breast as her primary means of food. the few times i've tried before, i've ended up nursing for an hour or more... which is not just time-consuming, but painful!

anyway, i'm sorry for leaving you guys stranded at such an exciting time in my life. i hope to start getting better about updating this blog now that i'm beginning to get a handle on things.

Monday, March 30, 2009

growing pains

so... yeah, it seems i'm going to be having a kid someday soon. and, no, i really can't think about anything else for any length of time. this makes working rather difficult. it even makes socializing somewhat challenging since i know not everyone else is as interested in my gestation as i am. what's funny, is there is really not much to report. other than a few more aches and pounds, i'm still pretty much me. and basically, i expect to be that way until the little one begins arriving.

i'm at the point where i'm ready to get the show on the road... not so much because i'm incredibly uncomfortable (though bending over often feels like a contortionist act), but because i can't wait to meet this kid. and i want to know what all the fuss is about... and i still don't quite believe that my growing belly is indication that i will be a parent in a matter of days.

as i get closer to my due date, and i see the easter decorations in the windows of duane reade, the ache to meet my daughter is rivaled only by the pain of not having my mom around for this amazing journey. as much as mil showers me with love and affection, and my dad calls for daily reports, and the rest of my family and friends express excitement and support, i can't help but feel sorry for myself... sorry for this little person inside of me. no one is my mom. there is no replacement for her love and advice. the most painful part is that i know how much my mom would have reveled in this... the whole experience... watching me grow, remembering her own pregnancies, meeting her newest grandchild, spending holidays surrounded by little, squishy granddaughters... hiding plastic easter eggs, magically turning shoe-boxes into frilly easter baskets. despite all of the love that i know this little girl will be surrounded by, there's a part of me that will always know how much love she's missing out on, too... how amazing a grandma she would have had. i just feel cheated... like all three of us have been cheated... and at the same time, i know i have been incredibly lucky... to have had the spectacular mother that i did, to have the wonderful family and friends that keep me sane, and to be able to look forward to this child of my own (who is bound to be as spectacular as her grandma).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

and pierre said...

"i don't care!"

this is pretty much my attitude toward everything these days (or, more accurately, these hours).

so, i haven't blogged in almost a year... i don't care!

so, you think your kid is cute? i don't care!

so, you want me to update your powerpoint presentation? i don't care!

so, you're worried about us not getting our taxes done on time? i don't care!

what is the source of all of this sudden nonchalance? i'm about to have a friggin' baby! like any day now... a little person is going to burst forth from my loins in a matter of days... possibly hours. how am i supposed to sit back and act like it's any old day...? like i care what eco-chick has to say about school children rummaging through compost? or facebook "friends" posting elementary school photos of themselves? or even timothy geithner's newest save-the-banks scheme. it all just seems so insignificant when i think, "i'm going to have a daughter... in the next month... possibly next week... possibly tomorrow...."