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Thursday, March 26, 2009

and pierre said...

"i don't care!"

this is pretty much my attitude toward everything these days (or, more accurately, these hours).

so, i haven't blogged in almost a year... i don't care!

so, you think your kid is cute? i don't care!

so, you want me to update your powerpoint presentation? i don't care!

so, you're worried about us not getting our taxes done on time? i don't care!

what is the source of all of this sudden nonchalance? i'm about to have a friggin' baby! like any day now... a little person is going to burst forth from my loins in a matter of days... possibly hours. how am i supposed to sit back and act like it's any old day...? like i care what eco-chick has to say about school children rummaging through compost? or facebook "friends" posting elementary school photos of themselves? or even timothy geithner's newest save-the-banks scheme. it all just seems so insignificant when i think, "i'm going to have a daughter... in the next month... possibly next week... possibly tomorrow...."

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