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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

bloggered out

yeah... i think i've hit the wall. not the good wall, mind you, but the wall that stops you dead in your tracks and tells you it's time to try something else. i will type here every once in a while if i feel so inclined, but it won't be anything regular or substantive... more likely just mindless ramblings that tumble out of my overcrowded, poorly-functioning brain. hell, that's what i've pretty much doing anyway, but from now on i'm relieving myself of any pressure to be consistent about it. hope ya'll don't mind. i still plan to be a regular reader, and perhaps i'll become a more regular commentor, but that's about it. now with all that talk of regularity... i'd best be on my way.
xo, moosk

Thursday, December 15, 2005

over the hump... sorta

haunted house
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i've made it out the other side... i think. no papers, finals, projects for a whole month... ahhh... then again...

last night my supervisor basically confirmed my suspicion that i am the least fortunate intern in the history of social work... i've had 3 emergency situations in 4 months... 2 calls to acs, and last night i had a potentially homicidal patient in my office... a teenager, no less. it sucks. i'm beginning to think that god (or whatever higher being i ascribe to) doesn't want me to be a social worker. i mean how the f-ck am i supposed to deal with this kind of sh-t?!? i want a job where i can go home and sleep at night, not worry about whether the adolescent i just met will kill someone because of something i did or did not do. i don't know how mil will deal with having other people's lives in his hands. this is bad enough, and i'm not the one holding the scalpel.

Friday, December 09, 2005

what the - ?

"Two weeks of treaty talks on global warming neared an end today with the world's current and projected leaders in emissions of greenhouse gases, the United States and China, still refusing to take any mandatory steps to avoid dangerous climate change."

winter is...

Bathesda Terrace
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...brief moments of beauty followed by days of grimey slush and cold noses.
i'm vershmeckled (my own personal spelling, thank you very much)... the brain is a vat of goo and the muscles i once knew have become useless lumps of flesh. i still have a final exam to finish and a brochure to type up on the perils of medicare plan d. woo-hoo... before you turn green with envy, i also just learned that the grant which supports my position (which in turn supports my education) has suffered a rather large cut thanks to some military operation in iraq and a hurricane that destroyed an major metropolitan area earlier this year... so, moosk's days of limited financial stability might be numbered.

since i'm tired and i still have miles to go before i sleep, i'll leave you with this link. buying gifts through the hunger site will make you feel good about the rampant consumerism that ensnares us all this time of year...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

first snow

trees at dusk
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so, this morning, mil wakes me up at about 7:30 to tell me it's snowing. i could hear that little bit of childhood glee of the first snow of the season... (mil and i are both from warmer climes, so real snow always comes as a bit of a surprise.) unfortunately, by the time i'd pulled myself out of bed it was mostly slush on the streets and a light dust of white on the rooftops... i guess you've got to get up before 10 to really appreciate it.
so, yeah, i couldn't keep myself away, but posting will still be slow... btw, i've uploaded a few thanksgiving parade shots to flikr if anyone's interested... we were forunate to have a nice (warm) spot about eye level with scooby.