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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

bloggered out

yeah... i think i've hit the wall. not the good wall, mind you, but the wall that stops you dead in your tracks and tells you it's time to try something else. i will type here every once in a while if i feel so inclined, but it won't be anything regular or substantive... more likely just mindless ramblings that tumble out of my overcrowded, poorly-functioning brain. hell, that's what i've pretty much doing anyway, but from now on i'm relieving myself of any pressure to be consistent about it. hope ya'll don't mind. i still plan to be a regular reader, and perhaps i'll become a more regular commentor, but that's about it. now with all that talk of regularity... i'd best be on my way.
xo, moosk


Dutch said...

you'll be missed, so be sure to let us know when you've posted so we can stop on by.

sorry I've been a lousy commenter.

Cartooniste said...

lucky for me i know you and mil in real life =) great seeing you guys last week. we'll be in nyc soon. the puppy still wants you to come visit us in M'head- he needs new faces to lick!
xo, Doodlebug

M. Van Houten said...

and I just spent all this time updating my blog....oh man....see ya at home my love