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Thursday, December 15, 2005

over the hump... sorta

haunted house
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i've made it out the other side... i think. no papers, finals, projects for a whole month... ahhh... then again...

last night my supervisor basically confirmed my suspicion that i am the least fortunate intern in the history of social work... i've had 3 emergency situations in 4 months... 2 calls to acs, and last night i had a potentially homicidal patient in my office... a teenager, no less. it sucks. i'm beginning to think that god (or whatever higher being i ascribe to) doesn't want me to be a social worker. i mean how the f-ck am i supposed to deal with this kind of sh-t?!? i want a job where i can go home and sleep at night, not worry about whether the adolescent i just met will kill someone because of something i did or did not do. i don't know how mil will deal with having other people's lives in his hands. this is bad enough, and i'm not the one holding the scalpel.

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