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Saturday, April 12, 2008

sweet and sour

i write this morning from a small table perched in a glassy enclave above 70th street with a misty view of the river. after an exhausting move (and my first semi-professional photo shoot), we're here. most of the boxes are now hidden in the second bedroom which has yet to see its furniture.

my plan for the day is to work out in our new gym, meet a friend for dim-sum in chinatown, and begin shopping for the big-ticket home accessories. sounds pretty perfect... except that there's an alternate version of today. the version where i get up, workout, meet my mom for sweet, zesty, lemon-ricotta pancakes at a nearby cafe. we wonder past the 75th street flea market, stop in at pottery barn and gracious home. she points out colors and textures that go with our apartment and our lives. she remembers items that we'll need that i never thought to buy. she might drag me down to abc carpet after i'm already pooped, but it'll have been worth it because she found the perfect rug on sale. i won't have to think of a thing because she has this down, every apartment or house she's rented or bought, a lesson in interior design. every day with me over the last 30 years a lesson in who i am and what i like. but today, the real today, i'm on my own... i have to remember everything or count on friends to help me think of what i might be forgetting. it's not bad... in fact, it's a very good day... just not the one i'd hoped for.

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Cartooniste said...

Congratulations on your new home, Moosk. I look forward to coming by to admire it sometime soon.

Just thinking about you today.