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Friday, July 17, 2009

3 months... and change

dear nica,

i meant to write you this lovely note in a timely fashion, but as you'll learn about me, i'm not especially timely. that's your father's area of expertise.

these past three months have flown by. i still can't believe i have a baby, and here you are reminding me every day... it's hard to believe that a year ago you were just a couple of cells meeting for the first time. and now you are a human being, complete with pudgy arms, thigh rolls, sparkling hazel eyes, and a smile that lights up the room (and wraps your mom a little further around your little finger).

your father and i can't quite believe our luck because not only do you exist (which is awesome!), but you are about as perfect as a little human being can get. okay, so it would be really nice to have eight hours of sleep every now and again, but if someone's going to be waking me up at 2... 3... and 4am every morning, i would pick you every time. even at 4am, i can discern your crooked little grin in the dark. happy to see me even though i can barely walk straight.

i never imagined that a little person who can't talk and can't walk could bring so much new joy into my life. and my life needed that joy. i still miss your gamma every single day... sometimes more than i did before you were born, but i also believe that she sent you here with your gurgles and coos to help heal the big hole she left in my heart.

it's hard to say what you've learned in the last few months... because it seems like so much. you've gone from being almost blind to seeing us and smiling at just about everyone who smiles at you. you've started playing with your toys... grabbing and shaking things that rattle, and trying to put just about everything in your mouth. you love bathtime... splashing around in the water so much so that we've had to move your bath from the kitchen sink into the bathtub where it belongs. you love to talk... sometimes entertaining yourself for several minutes with "gaas" and "oohs" and your new favorite "phlbbt!". you kick your legs and wave your arms about... a bit like a marionette. you have so much fun moving about and smiling and talking that you don't like to go to sleep anymore. you also love to stand. the moment you rise to your feet you get this silly grin -- like the world is yours to conquer. i hope you always feel that way -- proud of your accomplishments, but looking forward to the next big goal.

your dad and i feel so lucky to have you in our lives. you are everything we ever dreamed of... and cute, to boot!

love, ma


Valz said...

She's adorable :)

Katherine said...

I get to see her soon, I hope I hope! What a wonderful girl.

With wonderful parents.

You guys are *parents.* Whoa. That's freaky.