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Sunday, January 22, 2006

dumb like a moose

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i know that it is sunday. i'm pretty sure it's january. classes have begun, and my brain is still goo. when people ask me what's going on, i stutter for a moment, trying to remember who and where i am... what's going on, eh? i'm alive. i seem to be talking to you. what was the question? in my dream world, mil and i go back to italy to spend a month "re-connecting." i want to have a whole month away from all responsibility, all work/school-related nonsense, all the "how the f-ck are we going to pay rent?" crap.

mil has had a month off from school, but he starts back next week. this makes me sad. i've had him to myself for whole days at a time this past month. last weekend we spent almost the entire time wrapped in blankets watching movies and tv. it was heaven. starting next week he'll be back to his 7-day/week schedule w/ no moosk-day. i'll have to make due with snippets of time on saturday morning and sunday afternoon. pphlllbbt.

the only hope i have is that one semester of this hellish year is done... only one semester left. i can do it. i just have to forget that i have needs and wants beyond work and school (husband, what husband? puppy, what puppy? baby, what baby?). it's just the bird and me for a while... and she's sort of a pain. quite literally. (i currently have little red marks around my neck and shoulders from where she has decided to try to groom away all my imperfections. thanks, sweetie.) anyway, i'm sure more interesting things have happened but i can't remember them. i do remember that i promised to give a shout-out to loyal reader and future daddy, metsfan. someday, mil and i will see you and cat more than three times/year... someday... mil has promised me that if he goes to medschool in nyc, he will let me live in brooklyn. yay!


metsfan said...

Yeah Brooklyn!!! Thanks for the shout-out M! It was great seeing you guys this weekend. I'd almost forgotten what you looked like. We've got to get together more often!

moosk said...

it was so nice to be able to hang out with the gang... we definitely don't get enough of that. i'll see what i can do to make sure mil gets out more often. ("x-box 360", for example.)