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Friday, January 27, 2006


i was just hunting through the msnbc website to find a story that mil and i watched last night... it took me a full five minutes of searching through various stories and headlines to find it, and in the meantime, i discovered that:

the story that i was actually looking for was this one:

apparently, the cia -- our most powerful weapon against terrorism (note: not terror), had mistakenly posted the photo of abu hamza al-masri in its attempt to find midhat mursi al-sayid 'umar. the former is a "radical london imam" and the latter is al-qaida's expert on poisons and lethal chemicals. hmm... honest mistake. now i'm not sure what frightens me most about this... the fact that the supposed experts on terrorism can't tell the difference between one muslim man and another. or the fact that hundreds of individuals are being held in detention centers in guantanamo bay without charges. or the fact that our president is illegally wiretapping american citizens... or maybe, just maybe, its ALL THREE! i'm also bothered by the fact that a story of this magnitude required a full five minutes of searching in order to find at the bottom of the "u.s. news -- peculiar postings."

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