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Sunday, July 24, 2005

this episode contains themes of same-sex marriage. parental discretion is advised.

what the f*ck?!? this is how they introduce, not "the l word," not "queer as folk," but "the simpsons." i'm sorry but what child needs to be defended against the shameful concept of marriage. okay, so it's two women getting married, but back in the seventies, i don't remember them having a warning before "laverne and shirley." two single women living alone together -- scandalous! as depressing as it is to see a warning about "themes of same-sex marriage," i must compliment "the simpsons" for taking on politically-charged topics on a network who's idea of a debate has two right-wing evangelical pundits duking it out over whether alberto gonzales is conservative enough for the supreme court.


well, moosk is in shape now. mil and i took one lap around the park yesterday morning, and i can still feel the burn. sad, isn't it? one measly lap. i was good enough to remind him regularly that it was hot out. for example, when i first got outside, i made the astute realization that, gee, "it's hot out here." after rollerblading the one block to the park, i once again noticed that, hmm, "it's still hot." fortunately, i was not one to let such things as, say, hot weather escape my notice once we got into the park either. lucky mil.

times square

we had a late night last night -- an expensive, late night at that. as mentioned before, mil and i have no capacity to say 'no' to a night out with bestman. so when we were emailed about a dinner at a fancy place on restaurant row, mil and i had little choice. we figured we could choose a couple of appetizers or one of the cheaper entrees to share in order to keep to our (very small, student) budget. once we sat down, one of bestman's pals decided that we had to order several appetizers "for the table" and he would not take "we don't want any" for an answer. we were similarly pickled (quite literally) when the three bottles of wine and round of limoncellos were ordered "for the table." what was so pathetic was that even as we broke our own budget for the weekend, we didn't quite cover our share of the tab. it was actually a lovely evening, but it sucks to continuously stress about how much you're spending. i can't wait until we move beyond these student years (all 6 to 10 of them) and are able to live like real adults. in the meantime, i'm going to have to get better at saying "no."

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