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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

it's bring-your-bird-to-work day!

yes, miss iz is here with me. keeping me company, distracting me from work. she's very good at that.
mad izzy

you'll be happy to hear that after watching my secret addiction, "nanny 911," last night, i am temporarily over my 28-year itch. you have to admit though, those alas photos were pretty d*mn cute.

have you noticed that i can't type d*mn without the asterisk? strange for an agnostic, right? it's the little evangelical christian in me. when i was about 7 or 8 a friend of mine told me that i would go to hell after i said "oh my god" once. i was scared stiff after that. i went home and asked my mom if i would really go to hell just for saying "oh my god," and she wasn't sure, but she said that she was sent to the principle's office for saying "gwarshdingit" when she was a kid, so you never really know. perhaps that's the source of my secret fear of typing out the word d*mn. i'm also afraid that the newest version of the partriot act will have me sent to jail if i type out the "a" in d*mn, so i'm getting into practice.

i've been a bit post-happy lately, haven't i? i don't know what's gotten into me. maybe it's the fact that i don't have much to do this week as i await word from my boss that we'll start this big mri scanning study someday very soon. i'm sure you'll hear more from me in the not too distant future.

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