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Monday, July 11, 2005

first anniversary

well, it's been a few days... mil and i took off for a long weekend to newport for our first anniversary. hope you didn't miss me too much.

big house

to belatedly honor my honey, i am offering 10 things i love about mil (for the faint of heart -- or those who just don't feel the need to know, you can skip to the end of this post):

10) he's got a cute tush

9) he likes to fold laundry

8) he makes dinner for me when i'm tired and hungry

7) he puts up with my bird (who thinks he's competition)

6) he acts goofy to make me laugh when i'm in a bad mood

5) he calls when he is coming home late

4) he's got a full head of luscious brown hair

3) he lets me paint our windows

2) he's learning how to play golf just to please my dad (apparently, he also "likes" it if there is such a thing)

1) he gives a d*mn good hug

i could go on and on, but i imagine 10 is plenty for those of you who aren't mil.

the highlight of the trip to newport was staying at this cute bnb.
mil in front of melville house

when we got there we were greeted by small coterie of historical actors -- george washington, general lafayette, and general rochambeau. i briefly thought the melville house had a welcoming committee, but apparently july 8th was the 225th anniversary of rochambeau's landing in newport. hmm... and therefore a historical reenactment was necessary. this is what we caught:
historical reenactment at trinity church

we also got to drive this cute little convertable. i apologize to those of you on rte 95 this weekend. it was dangerous out there with moosk on the loose! it's truly amazing that car rental companies will even rent to me -- but they do! heehee!
moosk drives!

anyway, it's dinnertime. more to come...

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