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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

turning into my mother

that's it. the process is nearing completion. i now not only cringe when people use "i" as an object (e.g., "send that to mil and i when you get it in."), but i check for typos and misspellings when i read other people's blogs. this would be all well and good if my blog were grammatical perfection, but perfection it is not. it is also bad when i repeatedly do this -- out loud -- every time i read mil's blog. he's going to start hiding his blog from me. he's already taken to speaking spanish half of the time which moosk no comprende.

anyway, i apologize for the sappy post yesterday, but i gotta give "mad props" to my man who not only puts up with me, but makes me think he's having a good time doing it.

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milhouse said...

That's why I married this woman!