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Thursday, July 21, 2005

coffee addict

Barefoot Cappuccino
Originally uploaded by Bradley Allen.

i used to be able to decide whether or not i'd like to have coffee in the morning. it was up to me. no time... no big deal. no money on me... no worries. i'll have one tomorrow. i've now learned that it's not okay for me not to have coffee. (i know that's a double negative, mom, deal with it.) nevermind the slight headaches that wake me up in the morning, this is serious!

this morning, i was running late to work, nothing new there. i usually make my coffee first thing when i get into the office, but i had an errand to run, and i wanted to get it out of the way before lethargy set in. i went down to the mail room to send out some letters, and the guy who's usually there -- the one that can read my mind -- wasn't around. i had to think. i had to explain what i wanted to this new guy in complete sentences. my brain wasn't prepared for complete sentences. eventually the other guy who i usually talk to came by to help. phew. the only problem was that he wanted to be friendly and say things like "how are you?" and i respond with nonsense like "yes, and you?" didn't my blank stare indicate clearly enough that my brain hadn't kicked into gear yet? you can't expect coherent conversations from someone at 10:30am! when she hasn't had her coffee!

anyway, i'm not going to do anything about this addiction. i like coffee too much, and so far it hasn't hurt my relationship, right mil? and i've still got my job... so it isn't that bad. just give me my morning coffee and no one gets hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, it's just after 6, I'm about to go home, and I'm surfing around on friends' old blog posts because, well, because I can.

And I just want you to know that I frequently drink coffee at the place that serves the exact same cappuccino you've got in your photo here! Barefoot Coffee Roasters is great. They even make one that's creme brulee style, complete with blowtorch.

NOW are you coming out to CA? Grin. Glad you think you'll make it out here this summer!