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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i should be knitting

sometime monday evening, i decided that i needed to knit a baby hat for my pregnant supervisor (let's call her pregnant-hippy-chick -- because that just rolls off the keyboard). i don't particularly like my supervisor, and i don't plan to see her ever again after today, so i'm not sure exactly why sprouted this decision, but nevertheless, i sidelined my endless afghan (which was supposed to be done by last weekend as a gift for my parents) and found what remains of my soft, cotton baby yarn.


i was going to finish this small project last night when i got an email from a drinking buddy announcing that one of our good friends (and mil's best man) is in town from baton rouge and up for a reunion at the new o'lunneys. knowing that i (and especially mil) wouldn't be able to pass up the opportunity to hang with bestman, i figured i'd furiously clack needles at every possibly opportunity today, given that i'll be seeing pregnant-hippy-chick for the last time in approximately 2 hours. anyway, here i am typing...

so, apparently, three is about two too many drinks for ole moosk. i don't know how i'm going to fare at this bachelorette party. i "woke-up" this morning with a pounding headache. i didn't actually start perceiving the world around my until after my first cup of coffee. apparently, you are supposed to take advil right before you go to bed when you've had more than one mixed beverage, but mil decided not to tell me this until this morning after hearing me complain for about an hour. fun. i'm getting better though. the coffee helped.

i'm usually one of those people who slowly sips one glass of wine throughout dinner. even my parents think there's something wrong with me. i think my brother just took all of the drinking genes when he joined that fraternity in tennessee. at one point (only a drink and a half into the evening), my friend, crimson, came to meet us, and i had totally forgotten that i'd invited her only an hour and a half earlier. that's how bad it was. and i kept drinking... and here i am... at work. blech.

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