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Thursday, July 28, 2005

the environment, revisited

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in my usual bout of blog-reading, i found this post on obsidian wings. now, personally, i started reading this blog solely because they have an adorable picture of a sniper kitten in their profile. (aww, idn't dat da cutest thang?!) but, i've stuck around for the interesting points of view. i hadn't been keeping track of where congress was with this energy bill, but it sounds like it has bushie's greasy oily little fingerprints all over it. take a look, and if you're as peeved as i am, you can take action here.

btw, i'm on p. 204 of hp6, so give me another couple of days, and i'll be reading everyone's spoilers. it must be good if no one can wait to blog all about it! even people who have just had babies...

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