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Monday, August 01, 2005

party time

griswold and the green ballon (part deux)
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mil and i attended our first real "baby party" this weekend. there's nothing to make you feel more adult (and, btw, less parental) than a baby party. what is a baby party, you ask? a baby party is a birthday party where the number of people under age 4 is greater than the number of people over 21. it actually started out as a rather pleasurable afternoon in the suburbs, catching up with a couple of friends who late last year absconded with their baby, bought a puppy an moved out of the realm of public transportation. they are now gestating baby #2. baby #1 has gotten cuter and more interactive as she broaches those terrible twos, and our friends are very mellow parents who don't chase after their child with wet ones non-stop, so all was well. we were also accompanied by four other childless adults, so we remained in our comfort zone.

moments later, the other folks started to arrive. the first with one child... (of course, they had #2 on the way as well). we chatted for a moment before all eyes were revited to the two adorable two-year olds. then more folks came, each bearing at least two little tykes. it was entertaining at first to be at my first baby party in 20+ years, but soon enough, all activity was focused around the chillen': making sure that they dog doesn't eat any of them, making sure that they don't go to close to the grill, making sure that they play in the pool, making sure that they come out of the pool, making sure that they had enough juice boxes, making sure that they don't have too many juice boxes, and making sure that their hamburger bites weren't too big... phew... i got tired just watching the parents shuttle around after their young'uns. there must be some special parental hormones that kick into gear because i was ready for a nap after that party.

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