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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


does anyone else here have a case of the summer blahs? i remember getting this back when i was in elementary school... august hit and half of me was anxiously awaiting the start of the school year and the heightened activity levels that came with it, while the other half of me was in dread of the months of homework and lack of playtime ahead. despite the mixed emotions, both halves were equally ready to get this party started.

this time around, i must admit that less than half of me is excited about the year to come, but the entirety of me just wants to get this whole thing over with. i wish i had one of hermione's time turners, so i could just flash forward to the me a year from now. the one who's finished going to school and working at the same time. the one who's found a nice high-paying job in the social work field (preferably at columbia, so i can keep my benefits). the one who's husband has already aced the mcats and started med-school applications. yeah... that would be nice. instead, i'm me now. waiting anxiously for the unknown...

a couple of weeks ago, i managed to negotiate a return to my full-time salary. unfortunately, i did so at the cost of my future sanity. another professor here in the psych department needs a part-time assistant, and since right now i have increased my blog-roll tenfold out of sheer boredom, it seemed like an easy enough thing to do. of course in four weeks, i will start my classes, and in six weeks i will be knee-deep in my field placement, so i will have about thirty hours a week to do twice as much work as i'm doing now. yay! reading this blog, you'd think i'm none too smart... but really, it's the appeal of that extra $5K a year (combined with the fear that mil and i won't have enough dough to pay next month's rent) that kicked whatever forethought i had out the window.

see, one of the best things about keeping a journal or a blog is that a year from now, i can look back on this moment and sigh. it will feel as though i did indeed have a time turner, and time really did flash forward -- well, one can dream, can't she?

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