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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

strange sightings

my two feet
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on my way into the subway this morning, i saw a rather butch guy wearing sparkly, feminine slippers like these. i didn't quite know what to think -- is it creepy in a i-want-to-wear-your-skin kinda way or cool in that i'm-secure-in-my-masculinity sort of way? i still haven't quite decided. the comment board is open if you'd like to weigh in.

btw, i've noticed how hot that comment board has been lately (ha!), and i'm still trying to sort through all of the blogs that my friends have set-up (ha-ha!). but, seriously, this would be so much more interesting to me if it were a dialogue and not a monologue. politics are a particular favorite of mine if anyone's interested in starting.

ok. my brain is pooped. back to hp1 -- i mean work...

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