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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


isn't it weird to see it spelled out like that? i sorta like it... it looks like what it is (an onomotopoeia of sorts).

anyway, i will begin today's post with a discussion of lids. not "lids" like that crappy mall store, but lids like those on a jar or soda bottle. i take a moment to talk about lids because mil seems to have a special connection to them -- so special, in fact, that i am not allowed to close any important items in our apartment for fear that i will let a little of that bane of freshness and last night i got a talking-to for not closing the plastic container protecting our precious oreos tightly enough. fortunately, i don't take these things too seriously, so our marriage goes on without a hitch. fortunate, as well, is the fact that mil accepts these little deficiencies with only mild ire (though thank goodness, it wasn't a seltzer bottle -- then i'd really be in trouble).

on an entirely unrelated topic, i will mention the things i enjoy most in a blog:
1) frequent reference to the self in the third person. (moosk really likes that)
2) anthropomorphism of animals or small children (yes, i know that children are people -- i'm not that much of a lefty -- but by this i mean the providing of infants/small children with verbal capacities beyond their years).
3) funny names for spouses/significant others (e.g., "the queen" or "the squirrely")
4) humorous bits of remembered dialogue (i think i respect this most because my memory is like a sieve -- periodically throughout the day i exclaim, "this would be hysterical on the blog!" only to have the entire conversation fly out of my head mere seconds later.)
5) presence of verbal exclamations in written dialoge (e.g., gah, hurmph, pshaw)

finally, a rather fightening post from edward at obsidian wings... an interesting update on the unfortunate individual who was shot by the police on the tube last month.

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