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Sunday, August 07, 2005

park life

after a week where it was so hot and 'umid that i felt like i was going to melt into the ground every time i walked outside, it was nice to have a weekend where we didn't get above 90F. to celebrate, mil and i spent 90% of the of the daylight hours in one park or another. yesterday we met one of mil's school buddies and his girlfriend. girlfriend and i spoke about the good and ills of social work school while mil and buddy tossed a frisbee. i of course took a few breaks from the conversation to snap some park photos. this is my favorite.
central park sky

what actually made the less than 90F weather even better was the fact that 75% of the new yorkers escaped the city to their country homes in new hampshire or their beach homes in the hamptons for the weekend. one of the best things about living in a city where gentrification has reigned supreme is that most of the residents are too rich to stay in one place all summer long. yay us! we practically get the place to ourselves!

mil and i actually had quite a day yesterday. we spent most of the day processing the pregnancy scare of the month (i.e., arguing). this one was a doozy... several days late, some achy boobs and nausea to make it feel authentic. blech. after realizing that there were no little mils or moosks on the way, we felt relieved, but i also felt a little sad (i'm sure hormones had nothing to do with it). as a result of the emotional upheaval, i started to question my whole social work plan. since mil is laying the groundwork for a long and grueling medical training, i'm wondering if it's worth the time, energy, and money that will go into my finishing my msw -- especially since msws are not known for their high salaries. who knows if i can even afford to take an msw job once i get the degree next year.

anyway, we got past the upheaval. we're back to the original plan. one year of hell, and then we can move on to family and future stuff... today was good. we spent some time in prospect park with good friends. mil got to play catch with metsfan, and i got to catch-up with cat, crimson, and archivist. we also got some all-important puppy and baby time.
caitlin & annie

btw, i just witnessed one of the most beautiful moments of my life. mil just carried izzy over to her cage and gave her a carrot... and i'm still alive. i will carry that moment in my heart forever...

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