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Monday, August 15, 2005

sitting... on a jetplane

well, i have returned. a little redder, a little fatter (thanks, grammie), and a lot more tired. thanks to the weather system moving through the new york area, i took an unexpected two-hour trip to cleveland en route back from vegas. my dad gets the award for best father ever for waking up at 1am and driving from westchester to newark to pick me up -- after all these years i'm still a little amazed at how much my folks love me. i finally climbed into bed at 2:30, only to be awoken at what seemed to be a painfully early 8:30. despite the early hour, the man and the bird seemed grateful for my return, though i'm looking forward to seeing both of them later today when my brain regains its normal functioning. i'm mainlining coffee at the moment. my buddy, coffee, takes good care of me...

till the photos arrive, i will leave you with the things I miss most about new york when away:

10) my blogs… I know I can access these elsewhere, but that requires effort, and I am not good with effort.

9) my hazelnut coffee… (see comment above)

8) my ability to get wherever I want to go without an automobile (and therefore without the resultant expensive gasoline and war-causing oil)

7) good food… cheap

6) my bed

5) my bird

4) the prevalence of the leftist views I’ve come to know and love

3) my ny friends

2) my folks

and this one’s a gimme…

1) my man

btw, thanks to the 9 hours on the plane, i'm nearly finished with middlesex... if you haven't read this one yet, i highly recommend it.

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