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Monday, August 15, 2005

what happens in vegas...

the strip

i'm so exhausted right now that i can't really think of anything interesting or witty to write. i've uploaded some pics onto flickr if you're interested in seeing them. i actually took a whole set of photos of the call girl cards that were all over the street, but i was afraid they'd close my flickr account. showgirl and i thought it was hysterical that the streets were littered with tons of these little 3x5 cards containing pictures of scantily clad women with such enigmatic captions as "pink passion -- $49 special!" or "affordable blondes direct to you!" one topless britney look-alike with a pink baseball cap (aptly named "star") is only $47. i knew that "what happens in vegas stays in vegas," but i didn't know that the "escort services" came so cheap and so well publicized. interesting that given the location of these cards (on the ground, propped up on trash cans) it would actually be easier for a 4-year old to catch sight of them than a 40-year old. i can only imagine what the passers by thought when they saw me and my hot friend snapping photos of the exotic "lola" and the well-hung "vicky."

anyway, that was about is vegas-y as my vacation got. i spent the majority of the time out by my grandmother's pool (hooray for the new, tanner me!) or finding creative ways to decline her chocolate chip cookies (which had a texture somewhere between pralines and cardboard thanks to her last-minute substitution of maple syrup for the usual brown sugar). i got to catch-up with showgirl as well who is no longer a showgirl, but an elementary school p.e. teacher. she is rather desperately trying for her second child, so i got to hear quite a bit about basal body temperatures and recommended timing for home pregnancy tests. i tried to be encouraging without revealing my own not-so-latent desire for mommyhood. i kept reminding myself how nice it will be to enjoy another year of having mil all to myself before pregnancy and parenthood take over. one of the highlights of the trip was a show involving lots of carnival-esque acrobats and esther williams-style aquatic dances.


i also got to enjoy one of the occasional treats afforded friends of the showfolk -- petting and cuddling with a bouncing baby white tiger. well, this one wasn't exactly bouncing...

the littlest tiger

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