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Thursday, June 23, 2005

brick, part 2

i don't know what to say today other than that times square is a foul and disgusting sorta place. i can't believe that people choose to go there when there are places like central park and the met. if you want theatre, there's better theatre off-broadway (and -- shh -- less expensive). if you want lights, there are better lights in las vegas (but then again, some might say that the strip is even more of a hell hole). if you want hookers, they've moved downtown, and if you want peep shows, well, then you're in the right place.

anyway, i had a brief invasion of brick today. he's supposedly off at another university doing research there, but he has been spotted with suprising frequency in our neck of the woods. this afternoon as i was beginning to plan my escape, my only colleague, duck tape, mentioned that he very nearly got cornered by brick in the hallway. i asked if i should avoid leaving the lab for a while in order to prevent an unfortunate run-in. he said that i had nothing to fear, so i decided to chance a trip to the bathroom. as i walked the fifty feet to the ladies' facilities, i felt especially jumpy -- seeing his devilish grin popping out of doorways, but i made it there and back without incident. unfortunately, just as i my nerves were recovering from the trip and i felt that i had enough good fortune to make it the 200 feet to the building exit, i heard the telltale grinding of the lab doorbell. (if i had skipped the trip to the restroom, i could have been gone by now!) i knew it was him. there was no place i could hide. i was panic-stricken because by now the frightening image of that grin had grown all out of proportion in my overactive imagination. not knowing what else to do, i went to the door. i thought, at least i have duck tape to deflect some of the mindless (and i mean truly mindless) repartee, and i have an excuse! i'm just leaving! woo-hoo! i'm home free. so i open the door. the momentary triumph is quickly replaced by the reality of him standing there, and me having to talk to him. "um... hi, brick!" (trying to hide the pain i feel inside) "oh, actually, i'm just about to leave..." (said with feined disappointment) "'s great to see you though..." "...oh, you'd like to walk with me...fantastic!" (duck tape! duck tape! where the hell are you?!?!) once i realized i had no other choice than to enjoy his companionship for the walk to the subway, i decided that i had to move as quickly as possible. my usual twenty minutes of checking through notes and reading the news one last time before i leave was cut out, and i bolted out that door as fast as my little chinese slippers would carry me. the chat was about as pleasant as expected. turns out he's proposing to his girlfriend of three months and things are wonderful! (the grin actually got more frightening as he recounted how wonderful things have been for the last three months -- hell, izzy was wonderful for the first three months.) anyway, given his religious background, my guess is that brick will be procreating soon, so tell your young'uns to beware.

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