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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


i just scratched my face with a binder. yes, you heard correctly. sad, isn't it? this is my level of coordination. this is why mil won't let me use sharp objects or eat/drink while using my computer.

anyway, once again i have gone mia for a few days. this seems to be my trend. in psychobabble, one might say that it is intermittent reinforcement -- which makes it even more desireable... or one might not.

when i get home, you will get to see the wonders of my birthday weekend. oh, and it was wonderful. those of you who were there will get to reminisce. those of you who weren't will learn envy. ...or not.

i think i'm very noncommittal today. i miss my little red squiggly lines that tell me when i am spelling something inccorectly.

i learned that the second year resident/almost mommy is 1 year younger than me...almost to the day. that makes me a little bit sad. like i should be doing more with my life. don't worry, i'll get over it. and you will, too.

in other news, mil has put in his pitch for why doctors are so much more ideal boyfriends/husbands than IT guys. it's something to the effect that some doctors only have to work 2 days a week and be on call for a third. well, at least one doctor he knows has these wonderful hours (a cardiology resident, no less). plus they have better stories to tell at the end of the day (how many times can you hear a story that ends -- "so, turns out the guy didn't have his computer turned on!"?). so, there you go, surprisingly doctors make good bedfellows. (mil, honey, i think you were preaching to the choir.)

well, that's all for now. will try to get weekend photos up later...

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