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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

is it friday yet?

this week seems like it is going by sooo slooowly.... i think it had a lot to do with that night of three hour sleep and the following night of trying to make-up a reasonable-sounding 20-minute presentation on divorce and the proper family treatment for divorcing families. there's actually plenty of research on the former, but not so much on the latter, so i just plugged my hope-to-be future profession -- therapeutic mediation. even with all the hot air i threw into it, i was actually the only person in the class to finish the 20-minute presentation in 20 minutes. i'm not sure what that means... other than perhaps that i talk really fast when i'm nervous.

last night i thought i was only going to have energy to come home and flop on the couch, but mil guilted me into doing laundry and then a couple of friends, crimson and the archivist, encouraged me to meet them to go dancing. (i really couldn't say 'no' given that they were going to a place aproximately three blocks from my apt.) it was actually quite fun despite my fatigue. i'd never been to a dance where guys would just come up and ask you -- just for the fun of dancing. (I actually didn't even know that guys could go dancing of their own accord.) they even asked old married broads like myself. mil didn't join us because he got stuck with the task of folding laundry and cooking dinner. (and, yes, i do have the best husband in the world). i think he was a tad jealous when i showed him photos of another guy twirling me around. perhaps next time he'll let the laundry get wrinkly and come join us anyway.

in other news, can i tell you how poorly suited i am to be a bridesmaid? seriously, i go to bed at 11pm -- even on weekends. in college a late night for me was 12:30. i don't know where the hot spots are in town, and one martini is enough to make me drunk for about twenty minutes and then want to crawl into bed. i'm really hoping that the spirit of studio 54 somehow joins me next month when i have to be perky through several hours of late-night, pre-bridal excitement.

i will leave you today with this -- a very pretty pic of one of my mom's very pretty flowers.
Mama's flower

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