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Friday, June 17, 2005

pre-med students and the people who love them

clearly i was overly eager to get back to watching the last eposode of six feet under (season 3) last night. i apologize for not providing adequate support for my assertion that IT guys are the way to go for you single gals out there. our reasoning (disregarding the fact that the individual who suggested it -- who shall remain nameless -- might still have lingering feelings for an ex who's recently resurfaced and just happens to be an IT guy) is that IT guys make a decent living, have pretty normal business hours, and they can fix your computer to boot. to be fair, I think an IT gal would be equally groovy, but most guys are intimidated by chicks with more techno-chops than they. now you may counter,"hey moosk, aren't most IT guys cursed with the social skills of 13-year old boys?" to that i say, "perhaps, but are social skills really all they're cracked up to be?" seriously, (as i cave more deeply into stereotype) you don't really have to worry about the IT guy having to sleep his way up to VP or needing to recount his sexual conquests in the boardroom. this is good. some of you might think that academics have similar advantages, but clearly those of you who'd think that have not worked in academia. the number of professors who sleep with their grad students is astounding (it's definitely more than 50% in my particular department).

as mil read last night's post over my shoulder, i think he felt a bit miffed that i would pick a profession other than his. perhaps he worried that i might one day run-off with the IT guy from our department. fortunately, our IT guy is way surly and a tad malodorous, so our marriage is safe. no, the IT guy thing is more hypothetical than practical. that said, if you happen to be dating an IT guy and would like to weigh in on this conversation, i'd be more than happy to hear from you. i'd also be happy to hear from guys/gals who'd like to weigh in on ideal professions of girlfriends/wives.

here, i'll get the ball rolling: well, i wouldn't want to date a social work student because she'll never make good money...

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