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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i now leave you to your moosey fate

i love zim. if you haven't ever seen invader zim, you've been missing out. in the episode i'm currently watching, zim sends his arch enemy dib into a wormhole that will leave him in... not a dimension of pure itching... not a dimension of pure dookie... but A ROOM WITH A MOOSE! scary, eh? yeah... it's funny... seriously.

so, sorry it's been a while. i'm feeling uninspired lately -- hence me here at home trying to do my genogram assignment in front of zim.

by any chance, were you curious about canadia? it was actually quite funny. on our flight to ottawa we had this great pre-op transexual flight attendent. now i like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded, seen-it-all kind of city chick, but i was a little bit (pleasantly) surprised that continental was open to such atypical flight attendents. now as i was trying to make sure that i responded in nothing but the hippest, most innocuous manner, the flight attendent in question proceeded to welcome us to "canadia." i thought this was pretty funny, so i released a little bit of not-quite-stifled chuckle. that's it. it was funnier in person, i'm sure.

anyway, this was my first non-western wedding, and i am now hooked. so nice to see something other than your usual white, organza nonsense (i'm guilty as much as the next gal.) here's a little peek at how amazing the bride was.
sausan's eyes

this was just party #3. the first night, they do this pretty laid back evening of food, singing, and mendhi (doodling on hands with henna). the second night is the really formal ceremony where the gals sit on one side of the room and the guys sit on the other. i tried to take a picture of mil, but all i got was a picture of the lace curtain that separated us. it was actually really wild to see my very goofy, westernized friend (aka "the groom") acting so formal and...well...religious. i just don't think of him that way. most of my friends are either semi-retired jews (meaning that they've given up on finding a "nice jewish girl/boy" -- notice it's never about "finding a nice jewish woman/man") or retired christians, so seeing a friend who actually practices a religion is something new for me. the third night is the big party where we ate heartily and danced even more heartily. the highlight was an indian version of "pretty woman." you haven't lived until you've grooved to the indian "pretty woman." that highlight was almost matched by the sight of my semi-retired jewish friend, feldogg, mc-ing the party and introducing himself to a room full of muslim folks by saying,"so dr. j (also muslim), mentioned to me a few months ago that he was looking for a young jewish guy to mc his son's wedding..." the room broke into hysterics. maybe feldogg can make plans to visit the west bank one of these days -- he might make more progress on the peace process than sharon... doubtless he could do better than bush. anyway, if you thought three parties was enough for any wedding, this crew proved that four is a charm -- even when there isn't alcohol (and remember, this is canada). it was an amazing wedding, and i have the marks to prove it.
notice izzy trying to avoid stepping on it... very cute.

anyway, i'm sure by now you've had your fill of moosk ramblings, so i will wish you bon nuit.

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