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Saturday, June 04, 2005

jaunt to canadia

to all my loyal readers (two of the three are here with me), i apologize for the lapse. mil and i have journeyed to ottawa for a wedding this weekend, and since it is a pakistani wedding, it is not a one-day affair. we came in for the mendhi on thursday afternoon, stayed for the nikah (not spelling that right) last night, and have a party tonight. i never knew home much fun it would be to doodle squiggles on my hand with a dye that does not come off for weeks. i have a hard enough time looking at my doodles in class, let alone for days at a time -- on my body. yay!

i will tell you the story of "canadia" when i am back, but just thought i'd apologize for the lack of blog-action in the meantime.

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