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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

impending birthday

next week i will be 28. i'm not sure what this means. i think it means that i will officially by in my upper 20s -- precariously close to the big 30. mil has already made the march into the 30s and seems to be proof positive that 30 can be a good thing. actually every over-30 person i know says that the 30s are better than the 20s any day of the week. sometimes i actually feel like all of these annual celebrations are a little lame... i just feel like rounding up at this point.

in other news, i still don't have a puppy. doesn't look like one will be joining the family anytime soon. i guess i'll just have to enjoy photos like these for a few more years.

my b-day request for this year is a new digital camera. after admiring everyone else's on the net (and realizing that i can't request the camera i really want because it is several times the gift budget), i realized that smaller might be better. anyone have any camera recommendations? i'm thinking the nikon coolpix s1 or the canon powershot sd400...
lemme know...

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