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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a day with the green monster

and, no, mil -- not that green monster. saturday some kind friends humored me and my inability to say good-bye to my childhood. we went to rye playland. a little old amusement park in westchester. we had a grand, ole time and found a new friend along the way. he didn't mind me posting his photo on the blog.

monster and cotton candy

that one is my favorite shot, but of course, i'm not one to stop and just one picture...

monster and ferris wheel

this was mil's favorite ride:

losing our lunch

and i managed to get my wish -- a canon sd400. unfortunately, due to reasons mentioned in the previous post, i was not allowed to bring it to the amusement park, so i am adding a little photo to show off my new baby's colors. enjoy!


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