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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


i'm reveling in the brief glory of a semester almost over. one paper is done, another due next week, and then a whole week of freedom. okay, really four days... but, dammit, i'm going to enjoy those four days. i'm going to watch mindless tv, drink martinis i can't afford, and hang with my bird. sounds like a kick, don't it?

well, since doodleboodle can rant, i shall rant... i'm sure that rants are quite rare on blogs, aren't they? most people just talk about how wonderful life is and how it just couldn't possibly be better, right? that's what i thought... anyway, let's begin with bridesmaid dresses -- ugly or not, they are so darn expensive and they are never (i repeat, never) colors that you would wear in real life. now as someone who got married and inflicted bridesmaid dresses on others, i feel somewhat comfortable about this rant because i've seen it from both sides. if my mom wasn't kind enough to pay for my bridesmaid dresses, i like to think i would have gone the democratic route and said "wear anything in and around the shade of _____ (insert whatever frightening bridesmaid color here)." that way they could interpret "lavendar" to mean "black" or "aquamarine" to mean "black." you see where I'm going this....

anyway, i'm over it. i realize that this is the price of friendship, and i'm willing to accept it.

second rant. dumb RAs. no, i don't mean slightly flighty RAs. i mean brick on a slow day RAs. i have one this year that requires detailed instructions on how to take paper out of a box and put it on shelves. "oh, you mean over here?" "this box?" "how should i stack them" yes, sheer brilliance... and for those out of the loop, this is an ivy league school. just goes to show you how little that means.

well, i'm off to get a head start on those martinis.

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