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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

and so it begins...

i was just admiring a much more eloquent friend's blog and thought how cathartic such a thing might be. after the requisite hour of trying blog name after blog name, i came upon inspiration -- or at least a name that didn't get thrown back to me.

why "elegy to lost youth" you might ask? well, it so happened that as i tried in vain to come up with a suitable "blogspot" name i was listening to a dead can dance song named "elegy." i thought to myself -- hey, that has nice ring! of course i haven't recently lost a loved one or been unceremoniously jilted by a lover, so i thought perhaps i should dedicate this blog to my youth. (i also figured the name "elegy" alone would have a 99% chance of having already been taken.)

remember youth? not everyone has fond memories of their youths, but i think i was quite fortunate when pre-adult years were being handed out. of course i have wiped high school from my memory almost entirely, so i am speaking here strictly of pre-adolescence -- before the traumas of semi-formals and bathroom graffiti. no, my youthful memories are of climing fences, ice-cream cakes by the pool, and late nights watching splash over and over again. now that i have to support myself (well almost) and pay taxes, i feel that perhaps those years are gone. i miss them...

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