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Friday, March 03, 2006

my little girl is growing up

tall izzy
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miss izzy's 5th birthday went by without much ado. february 28th marks exactly five years from the day she hatched from her little, fragile shell. a wormy little thing -- all beak and gawky legs. of course, i didn't meet her till a couple of months later when she crawled into my arms and settled into what was to be the first of many, lengthy head scratches.

that day i needed a bird. i needed a little feathered friend to offer her fluffy head during tv shows and a loud squawk on my arrival home. a mere three days after my precious squeak's untimely demise at the hands of his flaky owner. though i still haven't forgiven myself for my negligence that day i left the gas stove on and came home to find my baby lovebird konked out on the bottom of his cage, i am getting closer to whole thanks to my cranky, little pink monster.
so, it seems like the nytimes has picked up on the topic of the month with these two articles on parenthood in the 2000s. the first one makes me want to run as far from this city as possible, but as i've mentioned many times before, i just can't imagine living anywhere else. brooklyn, perhaps... westchester, that's getting a bit far for my taste. we'll see what the future holds since it ain't all up to me.


Cartooniste said...

Oh, Squeak! I vividly remember birdsitting him in my far northern manhattan apartment and one morning he decided that there was *no way* I was going to work without him. No, sir. He was going to sit on my shoulder SO HELP HIM GOD and when I tried to persuade him otherwise he went CHOMP! and I immediately learned the error of my ways. Poor little sweetpea.
Does this mean that Stella is... six?
Hey, I'm comin' your way this month. When are you in Utah?

moosk said...

she must be... it seems like maybe a year or two ago that squeak rejected the new bird in the home....

i'll be away 3/10 - 3/16... i hope our paths will cross!