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Friday, March 24, 2006


i'm not sure if there's much worse than your first full week back after a vacation. it seems endless... monday... have to wake up early again (why is that alarm so insistent?), slog through your wardrobe to find something presentable... tuesday, oh yeah, class... were we supposed to read something? paper? next week? really? crap! wednesday... oh, wedneday, why must you be so cruel? work, then class, then field? all in one day? ugh! but then "lost"... new episode, how you move me even if your pace is that of a sloth on tranquilizers... thursday, the beginning of the end... after wednesday, a mere 9-5 seems like a dream. and friday, you wonder of a day... i know i have to work, but it's comforted by the knowledge that a nice, fluffy weekend lies at the end of the work day. even if that weekend will be full of paper-writing, at least it will be on my terms. hooray for friday! hooray for crimson's b-day party! martini anyone? (i know it's only 10am, but don't i deserve one?)

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Anonymous said...

Hi moosk! I'll join you in a martini anytime. . .when are you coming out to CA? There are some great martinis out here. . . . ;)