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Friday, March 31, 2006

frilly skirts... and other pleasures of spring

Spring Is Here
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hmm... where to begin... it's been a rough week. some days i'm just not emotionally prepared for the onslaught of human need that confronts me as a therapist. yesterday was one of those days. i second-guessed my ability to help others by offering a empathic ear. i lost my train of thought as each session wore on. i wondered whether i have the constitution for the breadth and depth of emotion that a therapist must endure on a daily basis.

though i'm still wondering and second-guessing, i feel a little bit better about it because i have some amazing friends. i have friends who will listen to me complain about my day and not offer advice or make suggestions about what i should do or change the topic to something that they're more interested in discussing. they'll listen with interest, and they'll support me and tell me that i am making a difference. it's hard to get too down on yourself when you have people who care about you... so, today, in addition to the beaming 70 degree weather, i am thankful for my friends.

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