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Monday, March 27, 2006

the three rs: readin', ritin', & 'rithmatic

i was just reading the nytimes article about schools cutting back on other subjects in order to focus on improving their reading and math scores on "no child left behind" tests. though i'm pretty staunchly opposed to the bill which encourages teachers to teach for tests rather than teach for learning, there is something of this bill that strikes a chord with me. i agree that children should not be graduating third grade without knowing how to read. there is no reason why i should be seeing teenagers that still have a tough time with cat in the hat. yet, i do. i even agree that in standard classrooms, reading and basic math should be prerequisites to history and science since it's tough to read a history book when you haven't mastered silent "e"s and blends. (then again, i can find no excuse for not teaching art). i guess what i don't agree with is the penalizing mentality. penalizing schools for poor test scores; penalizing students for being in poor schools. as any behaviorist will tell you, people learn much faster with positive reinforcement than punishment. why not encourage schools to improve by rewarding positive test scores and creative teaching techniques. schools having difficulty reaching federal minimums need more support, not less. and when teachers feel the pinch, students feel it, too.


mba jackass said...

it's cool - no worries. hope things get better all around :)

right now i am at kellogg for admitted students weekend. since i got no sleep last night - and it's one hour earlier here - i had to leave a ridiculously loud and crowded bar event. am i too old for this shit?

moosk said...

better get used to it. i hear that's what b-school is all about. might be another reason to choose the "married student" school.