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Friday, March 17, 2006

home sweet home

cloudy hillside
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i survived five days of skiing with nary an injury -- primarily due to fate smiling on me versus any particular coordination on my part. we had five days of fresh, fluffy snow to cushion our falls, and a couple of days of sunshine to warm us up. all told, i skiied well, i ate better, and i got plenty of sleep, so it was a fabulous vacation that could have only been improved by the inclusion of mil in the family hijinks. mil was grateful to be left out of the skiing, but the eating and the sleeping would have done him some good. lately, he's turned into the incredible shrinking man thanks to the high stakes of mcat-ing, orgo, and physics.

anyway, not much to say, other than it's good to be back home. i'd enjoy it more without the work, but i have yet to learn how to make my money work for me... anyone got any tips?


mba jackass said...

welcome back! sounds like a great trip - hey, i need to return k's Lost DVDs but i think my emails might be going into her spam box. so tell her to check...

i hear that incremental degrees is coming to town...any sign of her?

moosk said...

i'll check w/ her... i believe i will be seeing you and ms. cartoonsite at the whitney later, so if you want to bring the dvd, i'm likely to see k later this weekend.