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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

it's official

if you live in south dakota, mike rounds has decided that he knows what's best for your uterus. so, mike, if your teenage daughter gets raped, i hope you are able to "help her to see the value of the gift that is a child, and nurture the mother for her own sake and for the sake of her child." i hope the fact that she has to take time off from school to give birth and give up some of her own career goals to take care of another human being, doesn't upset you too much. because, you know, we women wouldn't know what to do with our bodies if we didn't have you big, strong, smart men to make decisions for us. and, okay, it's not bloody likely that i or anyone i love would make a home in south dakota (though not impossible), so what really scares the f-ck out of me is that this is likely going to go to our new and improved supreme court. abortion opponents are already sending rounds money for legal fees, so, folks, now is the time to get active. write letters, send money to planned parenthood... do whatever you can to make sure that our country doesn't turn into one, great big south dakota. (and, yes, that is a knitted womb up there. it's more womb than mike rounds will ever have.)


metsfan said...

Nicely written, Moosk. My better half has mentioned to me that Sioux Falls would be a nice place to live someday (it's also 15 minutes from where her folks live). Hopefully this will put an end to that nonsense. Crazy South Dakota! First they boot out Tom Daschle and now this.

moosk said...

From: L
RE: South Dakota

No no no. Everybody has got this all wrong.

This is *fantastic* for us.

Hopefully rightwing nutjobs in borderline voting areas will move to south dakota to be with their own kind.

Let them carry assault rifles.
Let them make us all convert.
Let them only allow beef to be eaten.
It's great!
SD The Only Red State
Go live there in pride.

Let CA, NY, and TX finally flip democratic everytime and we can have our country back.

Big picture time people!

moosk said...

i can see l's point. the further they push to the right, the more people who are left in the middle, so all the better for us. i still don't know if i feel this is a good thing because i think there's a bizarre amount of support behind this kind of law.

another point i've heard made is that the republicans who are running things will never overturn roe v. wade because then they'd lose their biggest issue with their christian base (vs. their corporate base). the result being that half their party loses interest in elections.