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Saturday, May 07, 2005

the white house

today i blog from the comfort of a study in this big contraption called a "house." now to those new yorkers (and other apartment dwellers) among us, a "house" is a big living space with multiple rooms, exterior walls on all four sides, and occasionally occupies more than one level. it's wild. this house is actually a town house (so it only has three exterior walls), and it belongs to my parents.

now my parents recently remodeled this place in what must objectively be called "good taste." as most of my friends will aver, my parents have really good taste, and the budget to actually enforce it on their living spaces. (i claim to have inherited the former, but not the latter.) the place is spruced up with real wood floors, original artwork, shaker cabinets, and basalt countertops. my favorite feature though is the water pressure in the shower. i can actually take a five-minute shower -- something that is virtually impossible in our humble abode (and mil will back me up on this one). the only problem with the place, however, is the fact that it was clearly decorated by a post-menapausal couple. all of the floors, cabinets, and towels are white. no, i mean really white. aesthetically, this is quite lovely, but when you happen to be visiting, and you happen to not be pregnant (see previous post), you would really prefer a nice brown, thready, worn out towel. it's just polite...

anyway, i'm sure the few folks who are actually reading this blog would prefer not to hear about all aspects of moosk's biological functions. so here goes: i, moosk, do solemnly swear to not talk about any of my biological functions for the next week. i like to give myself manageable goals...

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