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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

blogging on company time

so here's what i did today: woke up (thinking mil had mistakenly set the alarm for 4 in the morning -- rain, blech); woke-up bird; put bird in shower; put my half-asleep body in shower; mil risked his life to join bird and me in shower (he said he was in a hurry, but i know that he just wanted the extra few moments of seeing me in the buff); added appropriate quantities of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, clothing, contacts, hair gel, etc.; fed bird; waited for the elevator; waited for the train; waited to get up the stairs from train (while being late for first class of the summer); stopped for coffee and pop-tarts despite being late for class; sheepishly entered classroom to find professor to be familiar (i had switched out of her class because she was a little too quirky for my taste -- and, believe me, it requires quite a bit of quirk to be "too quirky" for me); braved the two block walk between class and work; ate lunch; sat and read blogs about pregnant people for the next five hours... and here we are! thrilling, eh? you want my life, i know... (i've just realized that even i wouldn't read my blog if it weren' btw, thanks to the two kind folks who left me little notes to know i'm not alone here.)

news of the day? senate agrees to keep the filibuster...for now... i wish i could say that i'm happy, and, hell, it could be much worse given the way that republicans are running all three branches of the gov't these days, but that owen woman has to be pretty damn looney to get her ass handed to her by attorney general gonzales. see this for more.

mil and i watched "super size me" last night. what a fun film! that guy is crazy though. i'm sorry, but if all three of my doctors told me that i could die if i continued eating micky d's, i'd say "screw the movie -- this is my life." clearly this guy was not me. i'm surprised that after his blood tests came back saying that there was urea in his blood, his vegan girlfriend didn't just tie him to a bed and force-feed him vegetables. i would've.

anyway, i've gotta figure out some work-like thing to do for the next three hours because this pregnancy blog stuff just makes my biological clock tick faster... that and i am being paid to be here...

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